Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Aaltje Noordewier

Aaltje Reddingius (before she was married it was Reddingius) was born in 1868 in Deurne (Helmondseweg). Her father was a Derneuse preacher, Wibrandus G. Reddingius. Except 2 little brothers who were born dead, Aaltje also had 1 brother: Joannes Reddingius. He was a very famous poet (1873 – 1944).Aaltje followed an education in the Amsterdam conservatory by Johannes Messchaert. In 1888 her debut began. She was touring with a girlfriend and also performed with family members. Aaltje Reddingius married in the year 1983, in Delft, with Michiel Noordewier (1868-1942). Michiel Noordewier was a famous painter. They have got 2 sons. The youngest son Michiel (1903-1930), who only became 27 years old, was a flutist in the Amsterdam Concert Hall and performed one time with his mother. There oldest son, Hendrik Jan (1894-1968), immigrated to the United States, where now the descendants of Aaltje are living. Aaltje Noordewier died in 1949 in her country house in New-Deurne (Hilversum).

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