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Prinses Beatrixlaan

The prinses Beatrixlaan was names after Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard, the queen of Holland. Beatrix was born on the 31 of January 1938 in Baarn. Beatrix has been the queen of Holland sinds 1980. Queen Beatrix was the oldest child of Juliana and prince Bernhard. Beatrix has three sisters: Irene, Margriet and Christina. On the 10 of May 1940, Beatrix and her parents and sisters fled to Canada because of the invading German soldiers.

Beatrix married on the 1e of May 1966 in Amsterdam. She married to Claus von Armsberg. There was a lot of commotion around going on because Claus was German and he served in Hitlerjugend.

Beatrix got three sons after she married: prince Willem Alexander (27 April 1967), Johan Frisco (25 September 1968) and Constantijn (11 April 1969).

During Beatrix her whole time (that is still now) she was living with a sick husband. Her husband, prince Claus, had Parkinson and from 1982 he got medicated in Dutch and Swiss Hospitals. Claus died in 2002, in the AMC in Amsterdam.

Beatrix looked like the only queen who’s scandal record was clean, that was until the 1990s when she was pictured as an angry mother in law because she didn’t allowed price Willem Alexander to marry who he wanted. There were 3 other major affairs: the Zorrequieta affair, the Margarita affaire and the Mabelgate affair.

The Zorrequieta affair was in 1999 when they found out that Willem-Alexander was having an affair with Maxima Zorrequita. Which ended wel because the married in 2002.

The Margarita affair was in 2003 when the family claimed about mean words against family members.

The Mabelgate affair was in 2003 when the found out that the becoming wife of one of her sons had an affair with a criminal.

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Anna van Egmond van Buren

Willem van Oranje married her on 8 july 1551 after three years long negotiating. Willem van Oranje called her Tanneke. They get three children: Maria (who died after one year), Filips, Willem and again another Maria. The second daugther Maria van Nassau lived her whole live in Buren and did much for the city. For example; she build an ophariage in 1616. This was considered that is seen as one of the most beautiful examples in the Dutch Renaissence.
In total, Willem van Oranje get thirteen children by Anna van Buren, Juliana van Stolberg, Charlotte de Bourbon and Anna van Saksen.
In September 1548 the mother of Anna van Buren expressed already the wish that her daughter and heiress with Willem van Oranje. It was a good marriage was seen in the letters who were found. Anna’s inheritance of both mothers and fathers had made sure that Willem van Oranje became the richest noblely man in the Netherlands. The marriage was for only seven years long. She died on an age of only 25 years on 24 march 1558 by a long infection what they didn’t made sure. She is berried in the “Grote of Lieve Vrouwe Kerk in Egmond”. This is a important monument in Breda.

Buren is a city in the Netherlands. It is full of historic monuments like churches citywalls and much more. The city was connected with the House of Oranje and this is why they called their city “Oranjestad”. Queen Beatrix is gravin of Buren and Willem Alexander skate the “Elfstedentocht” with the name W.A. van Buren. In this city there is also a museum called ”Buren&Oranje”. Some schools are named their school “Anna van Burenschool” and there are streetnames with her name.
Anna Paulowna Romanov, queen of Russia, was the married to king Willem II of the Netherlands. She was born in Sint Petersburg on 18 januari 1795 and she died in the Hague one the first of march 1865.she was a child of the tsar Paul I of Russia and Sophia Dorothea of Württemberg.
The parental family counted nine kids: four boys and five girls. In 1797 father Paul was tsar of Rusians. He hadthe crown for just a small period, becausse he was killed in 1801, after that Anna's brother Alexander became the new king.
On 21 february 1816 Anna Paulowna had to marry with the Prince of Oranje. The marriage founded place in Sint Petersburg and Anna took a large peace of her brides treasure with her to the Netherlands. She seemed to be very happy living in Brussel. Later she had to move permanent to the north of the Netherlands and she had to get used to the Hague. As the queen of the Netherands she still was attached on the Russian etiquettes.
Prince Willem became king in 1840 when he was 47 years old. Anna Paulowna helped her husband but wasn’t that inrested in political things. Out of the marriage between Anna and Willem came 5 childeren: koning Willem III and princes Alexander, Hendrik, Casimir en Sophie. Casimir died at a low age.
After the death of Willem II Anna Paulowna quit her current live and started to do more for the poor. She stayed an active member of the Russian church. In all her palaces (Brussel, Kneuterdijk, Soestdijk) she had a Russian orthodox chapel made. Also in the little palace Rustenburg, where she started to live later on, this happend.
Anna Paulowna Romanow died in 1865 in a place called Buitenrust in the Hague.

Anna Bijns

Anna Bijns is born in 1493 in Antwerp, Belgium and died in Antwerp too, in 1575. She was a Dutch writer.


Anna Bijns was the elder daughter of a tailor (someone who makes men clothes), she opened a school in Antwerp together with her brother Martin, following the death of her father and marriage of her sister. She taught until she was 80 years old.

Anna Bijns was the first Dutch independent writer, she also wasn’t married. The time she lived in were big changes. In 1425 the book printing was invented, what was used more and more. The Renaissance came too, beginner of the individualism. And the (Protestant) Reformation made it very busy and she didn’t like that.
Anna Bijns was one of the rare women to be part of the brotherhood of instructors. The Franciscans encouraged her to publish her work. (Chambres de Rhétoriques (French, literally chambers of rhetorics). She is often recognized by the Renaissance Humanists, who consider her the bestselling Dutch author of the 16th century.
Her work consists of religious and moralizing poems and polemic refrains against Martin Luther, who she considered an instrument of evil, but also of love poems and various satires.

Joris Vroegop, T2A

Amalia - Why she is important Amalia is the first born daughter of the Prince Willem- Allexander and princes Maxima. Willem- Alexander is gonna became a King so Amalia afterhim a Queen. - When she lived / How old she is Amalia is only 3 years old now. She was born on 7 december 2003 with thename: Catherina-Amalia Beatrix Carmen Victoria.Those names have al another meaning: = Catherina, She was the married with Willem 2 so an old familie member. = Amalia , was also an old familie member she was married with FrederikHendrik. = Beatrix , is the name of her grandma ( the mother of Willem- Alexander) = Carmen , is also the name of her grandma (the mother of Maxima). = Victoria , it comes from the Swedish crown princess Victoria.She lives together with her parents and little sister in Villa Eikenhorstin Wassenaar. - Her familie Her father is Willem- AlexanderHer mother is MaximaShe has got a little sister called AlexiaHer grandmother is called BeatrixPrinses Maxima is again pregnant so then she has got another littlebrother or sister. Amalia her mother was born in Buenos Aires in Argentina with the nameMaxima Zorreguita. Maxima has 2 brothers,1 sister and 3-half sisters.She met Willem Alexander and than she moved to The Netherlands, leavingher familie behind. Now she is happy with her daughters and husband. Her father Willem- Alexander was the first born child of Queen Beatrix andPrince Claus. He has got 2 brothers: Prins Friso and Prince Constantijn.The full name of Willem Alexander is: Willem-Alexander Claus GeorgeFerdinand, Prince of Oranje- Nassau. Amalia her little sister was born on 26 June 2005 with the name; AlexiaJuliana Marcela Laurentien. She is the 2nd born daughter of Willem-Alexander and Maxima. The rest of the familie is: - Prince Constantijn - Princess Laurentien - Princess Margriet - Professor Pieter van Vollenhoven - Prince Maurits - Princess Marilene - Prins Bernard (Who already died) - Princess Annette made by; Pamela de Haas T2a

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Aagje Deken

Aagje Deken (real name; Agatha Deken) was born in Amstelveen in 1741. She was a Dutch writer.

In 1745 her parents died and she went to live in ‘De Oranje Appel’ (the orange apple) orphanage in Amsterdam, where she remained until 1767. After leaving the orphanage she stayed at several places to work, this was not a success so she started a business in coffee and tea. In 1769 she joined the Baptist (Doopsgezinde)community in Amsterdam.

At the age of 29 as a nurse and friend she moved in with Maria Bosch, in 1773 she died. In 1775 Aagje published the collection of poems ‘Stichtelijke Gedichten’ which she had written together with Maria Bosch

1776, the beginning of a correspondence between Aagje Deken en Betje Wolff who had already published several works by that time. In October of that year they met for the first time. After the death of Betje’s husband, the two women lived together. In September 1777 they published their first work together; Letters (‘Brieven’). In 1781 Deken inherited a sum of 13.000 florin and they went to live in a mansion in Beverwijk. They published the successful ‘Sara Burgerhart’, this was the biggest success of Aagje and Betje together. In 1784 the published the first four parts ‘History van den Heer Willem Leevend’.

Because they are not quite happy with there political situation in the Netherlands, they moved to Trëoux in Burgundy in 1788. All the work of Deken en Wolff were Sold by auction in Amsterdam, and in 1789 ‘Wandelingen door Bourgogne’ (Walks in Burgundy) appeared.

The Dutch administrator of Deken en Wolff goes bankrupt, as a result of which they lose their capacity. Wolff asks for benefit of it widow pension. This request is granted provided so that they returned to the Netherlands. In 1797, they rent chambers in The Hague. Betje deserves her money by doing translations. In 1801 Betje became sick. She died after long suffer, Agatha Deken dies nine days later on 14 November 1804. Both were buried in Scheveningen.

Aagje Dekenlaan is in Moerwijk and I think that this street is there because Aagje Deken died in The Hague and because she was a famous writer. I couldn’t find the real reason on the internet.

By; Cecille Hossainkhan, T2A.

Aaltje Noordewier

Aaltje Reddingius (before she was married it was Reddingius) was born in 1868 in Deurne (Helmondseweg). Her father was a Derneuse preacher, Wibrandus G. Reddingius. Except 2 little brothers who were born dead, Aaltje also had 1 brother: Joannes Reddingius. He was a very famous poet (1873 – 1944).Aaltje followed an education in the Amsterdam conservatory by Johannes Messchaert. In 1888 her debut began. She was touring with a girlfriend and also performed with family members. Aaltje Reddingius married in the year 1983, in Delft, with Michiel Noordewier (1868-1942). Michiel Noordewier was a famous painter. They have got 2 sons. The youngest son Michiel (1903-1930), who only became 27 years old, was a flutist in the Amsterdam Concert Hall and performed one time with his mother. There oldest son, Hendrik Jan (1894-1968), immigrated to the United States, where now the descendants of Aaltje are living. Aaltje Noordewier died in 1949 in her country house in New-Deurne (Hilversum).

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