Monday, May 28, 2007

Anna Paulowna Romanov, queen of Russia, was the married to king Willem II of the Netherlands. She was born in Sint Petersburg on 18 januari 1795 and she died in the Hague one the first of march 1865.she was a child of the tsar Paul I of Russia and Sophia Dorothea of W├╝rttemberg.
The parental family counted nine kids: four boys and five girls. In 1797 father Paul was tsar of Rusians. He hadthe crown for just a small period, becausse he was killed in 1801, after that Anna's brother Alexander became the new king.
On 21 february 1816 Anna Paulowna had to marry with the Prince of Oranje. The marriage founded place in Sint Petersburg and Anna took a large peace of her brides treasure with her to the Netherlands. She seemed to be very happy living in Brussel. Later she had to move permanent to the north of the Netherlands and she had to get used to the Hague. As the queen of the Netherands she still was attached on the Russian etiquettes.
Prince Willem became king in 1840 when he was 47 years old. Anna Paulowna helped her husband but wasn’t that inrested in political things. Out of the marriage between Anna and Willem came 5 childeren: koning Willem III and princes Alexander, Hendrik, Casimir en Sophie. Casimir died at a low age.
After the death of Willem II Anna Paulowna quit her current live and started to do more for the poor. She stayed an active member of the Russian church. In all her palaces (Brussel, Kneuterdijk, Soestdijk) she had a Russian orthodox chapel made. Also in the little palace Rustenburg, where she started to live later on, this happend.
Anna Paulowna Romanow died in 1865 in a place called Buitenrust in the Hague.

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