Monday, May 28, 2007

Anna van Egmond van Buren

Willem van Oranje married her on 8 july 1551 after three years long negotiating. Willem van Oranje called her Tanneke. They get three children: Maria (who died after one year), Filips, Willem and again another Maria. The second daugther Maria van Nassau lived her whole live in Buren and did much for the city. For example; she build an ophariage in 1616. This was considered that is seen as one of the most beautiful examples in the Dutch Renaissence.
In total, Willem van Oranje get thirteen children by Anna van Buren, Juliana van Stolberg, Charlotte de Bourbon and Anna van Saksen.
In September 1548 the mother of Anna van Buren expressed already the wish that her daughter and heiress with Willem van Oranje. It was a good marriage was seen in the letters who were found. Anna’s inheritance of both mothers and fathers had made sure that Willem van Oranje became the richest noblely man in the Netherlands. The marriage was for only seven years long. She died on an age of only 25 years on 24 march 1558 by a long infection what they didn’t made sure. She is berried in the “Grote of Lieve Vrouwe Kerk in Egmond”. This is a important monument in Breda.

Buren is a city in the Netherlands. It is full of historic monuments like churches citywalls and much more. The city was connected with the House of Oranje and this is why they called their city “Oranjestad”. Queen Beatrix is gravin of Buren and Willem Alexander skate the “Elfstedentocht” with the name W.A. van Buren. In this city there is also a museum called ”Buren&Oranje”. Some schools are named their school “Anna van Burenschool” and there are streetnames with her name.

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