Monday, May 28, 2007

Prinses Beatrixlaan

The prinses Beatrixlaan was names after Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard, the queen of Holland. Beatrix was born on the 31 of January 1938 in Baarn. Beatrix has been the queen of Holland sinds 1980. Queen Beatrix was the oldest child of Juliana and prince Bernhard. Beatrix has three sisters: Irene, Margriet and Christina. On the 10 of May 1940, Beatrix and her parents and sisters fled to Canada because of the invading German soldiers.

Beatrix married on the 1e of May 1966 in Amsterdam. She married to Claus von Armsberg. There was a lot of commotion around going on because Claus was German and he served in Hitlerjugend.

Beatrix got three sons after she married: prince Willem Alexander (27 April 1967), Johan Frisco (25 September 1968) and Constantijn (11 April 1969).

During Beatrix her whole time (that is still now) she was living with a sick husband. Her husband, prince Claus, had Parkinson and from 1982 he got medicated in Dutch and Swiss Hospitals. Claus died in 2002, in the AMC in Amsterdam.

Beatrix looked like the only queen who’s scandal record was clean, that was until the 1990s when she was pictured as an angry mother in law because she didn’t allowed price Willem Alexander to marry who he wanted. There were 3 other major affairs: the Zorrequieta affair, the Margarita affaire and the Mabelgate affair.

The Zorrequieta affair was in 1999 when they found out that Willem-Alexander was having an affair with Maxima Zorrequita. Which ended wel because the married in 2002.

The Margarita affair was in 2003 when the family claimed about mean words against family members.

The Mabelgate affair was in 2003 when the found out that the becoming wife of one of her sons had an affair with a criminal.

Kasper O’Brien

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